Variety of Floorplans to Meet Your Needs
Corner Units on Both
North & South Sides
(Approx. 855 - 908 sq. ft.)
Separated Bedroom
South Side Unit
(Approx. 694 sq. ft.)
North Facing Loft Units
(Approx. 760 - 800 sq. ft.)
Elevator Shaft Unit
(Approx. 745 sq. ft.)
Annex Unit - Type G
(Approx. 631 sq. ft.)
Annex Unit - Type J
(Approx. 705 sq. ft.)
Click on the above images to see a larger view.

Bright and airy, with huge 8 ft. windows, each spacious
apartment includes a versatile loft. Use it for a bedroom,
study, guestroom – you decide.

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